Saturday, March 1, 2008

Brochures Don’t Sell and Neither Do Websites

Brochures don’t sell your homes – anymore than websites do. They open the door, they generate interest, they describe what you’re offering, they remind people of what you’ve already told them, and they give people another opportunity to familiarize themselves with you and your product.

In short, they generate the contact or provide a reference point.

People expect to receive a brochure from you and they expect you to have a website, but they don’t make a decision based solely on either one.

They may eliminate several builders from further consideration based on what they see as appealing to them in a brochure or on a website, and they may create a “short list” of places they want to visit or re-visit, but the purpose of having a website or a brochure is not to make a sale – it’s to create the contact to or to stimulate the visit or re-visit.

You must generate the personal contact in order to make a sale. People need to meet you. They need to see what you’re offering firsthand. Selling homes is very relational.

Put enough information in your brochure or website to show what you offer and make it seem exciting. Stand out from your competition, but don’t count your brochure or website as being a surrogate salesperson.

I’ve often said that if brochures were such a great sales tool we should just mail one to everyone in town and be done with it. Then people who were interested in what we offer could simply make a decision from the brochure and stop by to do the paperwork or mail in their check.

Obviously it doesn’t work that way, so why are we so concerned with giving out brochures or having them available for download on the website?

Let’s focus on meeting people and addressing their needs. The website can generate the initial interest and brochures can remind them of what they experienced and help maintain their level of interest. Either way, it’s up to you to take it from there and make the sale.

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