Thursday, May 15, 2008

Making a Sale Everytime Isn't Desirable

How’d you like to close the sale everytime you met with a customer? Sound good? Not so fast.

I mean really close every customer you meet – not just on the next contact but an actual deposit and agreement. Think you’d like to be able to do that?

Well you might be able to actually do it from a skill and technique level. You might even be able to do it from a pure desire level. However, you don’t really want to make a sale to every single customer you meet.

Allow me to explain. In the first place if you literally sold a home to every customer you met you’d either be too busy doing all of the selections, finishing the paperwork, and processing the mortgage applications that you would have little time available to see any more customers for a while, or you’d soon be sold out of everything you had available.

Then in a realistic sense, not everyone will like what you build or what you’re selling or be prepared to make a decision. They may just enjoy looking and never buy anything – from you or anyone else.

In a more practical sense – particularly if you’re selling new homes – there are some customers who present too many challenges to make the process enjoyable, even if they like your homes and want to own one.

In some cases, customers are so difficult to work with that you will eventually give them back their deposit and cancel the sale (or wish that you could). When that isn’t possible, you will find yourself on a daily quest to satisfy all of their demands for perfection in the new home – both during construction and after delivery.

So as enticing as it sounds to be able to make a sale with every customer, be wary of those who shouldn’t be your customers and let them buy from someone else.

Set your sights on selling nearly all of those who like what you offer and like the way you do business.

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