Thursday, May 8, 2008

Meeting People Is Easy – If You Are Willing To Try

The key to making sales – in addition to having a great, competitive product – is having sufficient customers for your product. Of course, one of the ways to attract new customers is through advertising.

Another way – and my favorite – is self-generation. This requires work, and may take a while before you see a return so you may need some advertising in conjunction with this.

The premise of self-generation is that the salesperson (who could be the builder or owner if they are doing their own sales) is responsible for producing new leads from which to make the sales the company needs to stay in business. In an ideal sense, the salesperson would produce all of their own leads and not rely on any additional advertising or promotion.

So if self-generation is to occur, where does it begin? Start with the obvious – people you know, regardless of how well or for how long you have known them. This includes friends, family, acquaintances, former customers, referrals, and professional contacts.

Then we expand to those people you haven’t yet met – strangers. For most people, this has the most potential.

How do you meet strangers? By being available.

Today in the airport, I met several people that I had never seen before and learned more about them than their name and where they’re from. How did this happen? By being available and interested.

If you are willing to meet people and willing to have a conversation with them, you will meet new people.

Remember the goal of meeting people is not to make an immediate sale. It’s the foundation of a budding relationship that can build into a sale or a referral. I said it was work, but this is a great way to be responsible for producing more of your own traffic.

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