Friday, June 6, 2008

Save Gas, Become a Specialist

Whether you’re a remodeler or you’re selling new or resale homes, there’s no reason to be a generalist – someone who tries to be familiar with a broad segment of the market and may end up attempting to serve too broad of an area.

There’s no need to drive all over town and be available for everyone who wants a piece of you – or to spend hours driving around trying to learn about and understand areas that are not in your immediate market.

First decide who your competition is if you are in new home sales. Decide your target market if you’re a remodeler. Define your market area or farm area if you’re in general real estate. The principle is the same.

Become an expert on your immediate area and leave the rest of your community to someone else. Become a trusted resource. Be the most knowledgeable there is on real estate in your market area.

Define a market area as concise and finite as possible to allow you to produce a sufficient amount of business and then become an expert on your area. Nothing should escape your attention.

Let anyone else who tries to compete against you or gain a foothold in your market area, and it will be clear to all who know or meet you that you indeed are the expert and the one they should work with for buying or selling or renovating property.

You will become the force to be reckoned with in your market area and will be highly successful – and you’ll save gas as you make money and help create solutions for your customers.

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