Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Why Here? Why Now? Why Me?

Most of us would be happy to have a customer walk into our office or call us on the phone and express an interest in buying a new home (or other product or service that we offer). In fact, we might be so excited about this that we would launch right into our presentation with only a few cursory questions about what they’re looking for, price range, and when they want it.

While I would share your enthusiasm in working with such a customer, there is a more basic set of questions that you should be asking that actually will help you make the sale.

Consider why someone has chosen to contact you – among all of the other companies and people that they could have approached – at this very moment to discuss your product or service.

Knowing the answers to these questions often will tell us what we need to make a sale before we ever learn what our customers are actually looking for.

For instance, if you are talking with someone about a property that is listed in the MLS, they could go to any number of other realtors or offices and view the same property – so clearly it’s not just the property that has caused them to seek you.

If you are selling new homes in an area where other builders are offering a similar product, then the location is not the only reason they have visited you.

If your product or service is promoted on the internet, there likely are many similar ones listed as well.

If you have an office or showroom, chances are you’re not the only one offering those products or services in your area.

No, it’s much more basic than what you’re offering or where you’re located.

Seriously. Of all the other offices, showrooms, websites, or properties that someone could visit, view, or contact at this very moment, why have they chosen your company and the way in which they contacted you – why here?

Then what’s so special in their lives about their personal timing? Why today? Why right now?

Of all the people they could be talking to or visiting with right now, why you?

When we begin asking ourselves these questions and getting the answers from our customers, we will have an inside track on how to help them effectively.

The product, price, features, and the other details will fall into place after that.

Look first to the essential motivation – why here, why now, why me?

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