Saturday, June 14, 2008

Your Data Base Can Hold Some Real Nuggets

One of the best places to look for a potential sale is in your data base among those people you’ve already talked with about your product or service.

They already have some familiarity with you and what you can do for them, and you already have some relationship with them.

However, only a few potential sales are going to be hidden there, so you have to be strategic about locating them.

Just as you wouldn't go panning for gold in a stream where no gold has ever been found, contacting people in your data base who expressed no interest in your product at your first meeting or any subsequent contacts with them is not going to be effective.

Therefore, calling everyone in your Rolodex or card box or Outlook, Top Producer, Maximizer, Gold Mine, ACT!, or other CRM (contact manager) is not going to be a good use of your time.

First of all, there is little likelihood that you can reach and talk to everyone in your data base - even if this was your goal, and second, you aren't going to be that influential in changing someone's mind who didn't feel that your product or service was something they wanted or was not particularly serious about making a buying decision.

Rather than spending a significant amount of time trying to recontact everyone in your data base - just so that you can say that you did - consider how much more strategic and efficient it would be to contact just those people who showed an initial interest in what you offer and indicated that they would be happy owning your product or having your service at some point.

How are you going to know who these people are that you should be contacting and looking for? By reviewing the notes that you make after each contact. Not making notes or not making them consistently? It's times just as these when the importance of good notes becomes apparent.

Spend time evaluating your contact notes to determine which people have the potential of buying your product or service and then contact them.

Not only will you have a better chance of making a sale or moving the sales process forward, you will be using your time more wisely and not risk irritating people who clearly are not - and possibly never were - good candidates for what you offer.

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