Monday, July 7, 2008

Don’t Give In Without a Fight

As salespeople, we’re competitive. We’re tenacious. We’re persistent. We hate to lose. So let’s fight to save more sales.

What do I mean? Simple.

Someone walks in and says that they like your home but that they have a home to sell (or something else like this). That sounds like the end of the sale. But, here’s were the fight starts.

There must be something you can do or suggest to help them make a decision on a new home – even with their present home seemingly an issue. It might involve financing assistance, help with property taxes, moving allowances, commissions to their Realtor, hiring a stager for them, or many other possibilities.

First before suggesting any solution, determine that they really do want to buy a home and that the only thing standing in the way of a “yes” is their feeling that their current home needs to be out of the picture.

If they aren’t serious and are just offering a flimsy excuse that they think sounds good to make you quit your presentation, then you have other issues to work with – such as determining why they aren’t serious about a new home and dismissing them if a move is not something they’re really contemplating.

Size up your opponent, and fight for the sale. Your opponent is not your customer. Your customer is your friend. Your opponent is the ultimate reason why they won’t say “yes,” and that’s what you attack.

Don’t be put off or intimidated by excuses. Fight them. Be prepared to engage them. Learn how to win.

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