Saturday, May 19, 2012

Coffee Wins Again

What's a dark liquid with outstanding aroma served and consumed several times a day in a cup? That's right. Coffee!

Coffee is a wonderful beverage, and every attempt to prove it ain't so comes up short.
There have been many recent studies trying to show that coffee increases cholesterol and blood pressure and that it contributes to other conditions. All ended up proving that coffee had substantial health benefits of one type or another. It is a great anti-oxidant as well.

Now we find, in the largest study on coffee ever done on some 400,000 people, that coffee - for reasons not totally understood - promotes longer life. That length has not be quantified as yet - other than it has been measured in general.

It seems that there are some 1000 different chemicals and properties in coffee - most of which have not been studied.

For now, let's just raising our cup or mug - and they say that 4-5 cups a day is a good amount - although less is OK, too. Just drink it black.

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