Friday, August 3, 2012

Ability Produces Courage

Courage is a great trait to have. We all have it in various amounts, but like other traits that we possess, it thrives on being used and developed. In other words, the more times we summon our courage and step out bravely, the move times we will get to use it and feel good about it.

At first, courage may seem a little scary, but we are not talking about doing something totally out of character - just stretching a bit. No one is suggesting that you go skydiving if that is not something you can see yourself doing anyway.

I am simply suggesting that your comfort zone is a whole lot more elastic that you give it credit for.

I have been told that under hypnosis you can't be tricked into doing something you wouldn't normally do. It just relaxes the inhibitions. That's what courage does. It just takes away a few of the gatekeepers and let's us progress with the mission.

In sales, let's say that you don't think you can call or approach someone you've never met. OK. Now suppose you practice doing this through visualization and role plays with people who agree to help you. After a while you develop a confidence based on your newly developed ability. Now you have the courage to approach someone because you believe you can.

That same example can be applied to a sales presentation, setting an appointment, upselling, or anything else that might be just a little outside or beyond what you feel comfortable doing right now.

Once we have confidence in our abilities - depending on which one we need - we can call upon the courage to branch out into a new area.

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