Monday, August 27, 2012

Some Days Are Just Really Challenging

Some days have the odds stacked against us - nothing that we did to cause it and nothing we can do to fix it. We just have to recognize it and move on.

Consider those days when there is a blizzard or a fresh snowfall of several inches. A rain of over 10" like we had today. An oppressively hot and humid day. A bone-chilling day with a below zero wind chill. An excessively windy day.

On such days, hardly anyone ventures out of their homes. Schools and businesses are often closed. It's not a day when people are shopping for a home.

It doesn't mean we get a day off, however.

If people aren't out and about - whether our office is open and we are there or not - we have a telephone and hopefully a computer, assuming the electricity is still on and the internet connection is working.

This is when we can reach people by phone - unless it's inappropriate to contact them due to a weather event that has caused destruction and misery.

Even on days when our customers aren't playing along, we can make things happen.

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