Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Trick To Remembering People's Names

When someone comes into your model home, open house, showroom, or sales center - or you meet someone at an event, you greet them and introduce yourself. They may tell you their name - maybe not. If they don't, you politely ask for it.

Now that you have heard their name, how do you remember it?

I've attended seminars on how to remember names and other thing I wanted to remember (grocery lists, for instance). Mostly it's an association game. You associate the sound of a person's name with a common object and that reminds you later on of their name.

What I find happening, however, is that coming up with an association is so challenging that it's actually easier to remember that her name is Susan rather than coming up with something like "Black-Eyed Susan" and then remembering to visualize it as a trigger to think of her name - or that his name is Robert or Bob rather than triggering it from remembering an image of an "English Bobby."

Name or word associations may work for you, but there is an easier way to remember someone's name when you meet them - regardless of where it is.

To remember someone's name when you meet them, say it aloud in front of them to make sure you heard it correctly and that you are close on the pronunciation (they'll help you tweak the actual way to say their name if you're off). Then write it down. Use your information card, your pad, the back of your business card, or ask them for a card - depending on the circumstances of your meeting.

Now you have their name in your hand, and when you forget it in a few minutes, you can glance at your note and eliminate the need for requesting their name again - very unprofessional to do this.

There is no mental trick for remembering names - nothing short of writing it down when you learn it. That's how it's done.

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