Saturday, August 25, 2012

What's For Sale?

When someone visits your sales center or pavilion, stops by a model home or open house, or they contact you by phone about your offerings and opportunities, what are they really interested in buying - and what are you really selling?

On the surface, the answer might seem to be a new home. That is partially true, but why with you?

What do you offer that the builder across the street or the Realtor down the road doesn't? Service? OK. Features? Possibly. Price? Maybe.

It's real tough to be competitive in today's market because as soon as you identify the ideal location that someone wants - or the home layout, feature, or price point, someone else will want something completely different and look elsewhere to buy it.

While it's true that ultimately the home is for sale - along with its features, homesite, and local amenities, that may not be the deciding factor. It might come down to you.

You could be the tie-breaker. Given homes from different builders or sellers, all priced relatively the same with similar features, the decision on which to purchase could just revolve around you and the relationship you have created with your customer. In new home sales, this means your community or your builder. For Realtors it means the home you counsel your buyers on being the best fit for them.

What is your customer buying? You, for starters.

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