Friday, September 28, 2012

Grading Your Customers For Maximum Efficiency

Not all customers are created equal. Some will buy on the first visit, some will come back more than once, some won't ever buy. Some will purchase from a competitor.

Some will pay cash, some will have great credit scores, some will have such credit challenges that a sales can't be financed.

Shouldn't you understand the quality of the customers (prospects if you prefer) you are working in terms of level of interest, ability to make a decision, and capacity to pay for their purchase?

Don't just guess at who you should be working with. Make an objective assessment. My book "Making The Grade" gives you all the steps you need. Not only that, it ranked number one on Google today for "Grading New Home Sales Customers" - out of more than 3.6 billion results!

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Be More Specific

To achieve our goals, we need to be specific in spelling out what it is we want and not use just vague or general descriptive terms.

We need to quantify what we want.

Just having a general goal or objective is not good enough. There is no way to know if we did what we set out to do or if we have accomplished enough. Words like a few, a couple, some, and more provide no direction on goal attainment and achievement.

If we need a certain number of sales or a certain percentage increase, we need to be specific.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Take On Leadership

Leadership - just like empowerment - is taken not given. When the opportunity is there to lead or provide direction, the person comfortable with assuming that role takes it on.

Salespeople lead or control the presentation. They direct it. They aren't aggressive, but they are assertive and definite. They take on leadership.

A a key part of success in sales or business is assuming a leadership role when the occasion arises. Another way of looking at it is taking control.

In a sales presentation, it is being the one who leads or directs the flow - the person in control. This doesn't have to be an authoritative move, just one who you are leading the presentation. Same thing for empowerment.

I suggest that we look for a way to control the presentation in a skillful, professional way to have a productive outcome for both sides.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Finding Leads

Finding people to talk with about what you offer or how you can help someone solve a need they have is often a challenge. That's because most advertising and marketing messages are passive - dependent on the one to whom the message is directed to see or hear it, identify with it, and then contact us.

There are many ways of creating new leads, and I provide dozens of examples in my my 2 books for new home salespeople: "Making New Friends" about meeting strangers and developing that relationship into someone who can purchase from you of provide referrals and also "Using Your Network" about cultivating and developing your circle of contacts and the people they might know as well.

I have similar book for real estate sales and general sales.

One thing I would never recommend, however, is buying leads from anyone. It's not necessary, and you have all the tools available to generate your own directly or through your referral network.

Leads are the lifeblood of any business, and we need to develop the skill of looking for and attracting them ourselves.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

What Makes You Special?

Of all the businesses in the world, have you ever stopped to ask yourself what makes you special?

That is, with all the businesses that are similar to yours in product or service, those that serve a similar market area or clientele, and those with other similar qualities to you, what makes you stand out?

What is your USP (unique selling proposition) or claim to fame? What do you offer that truly is special or remarkable for the type of business you have? What bragging rights do you have?

Now for the second part to this question. In addition to what makes you special, how do you let people now this?

Do you advertise, rely just on your website, trust your customers to share your message through word of mouth (WOM), publish on social media including blogs, or use a clever tagline?

For any of these questions that are unanswered or unclear, it's time to focus on them and come up with an answer.

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