Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Even More Google Juice

At the risk of seeming like I am over-promoting myself, there is a point to what I am sharing. On Sunday, I posted about my Google Juice (as it's called when you get good results for your efforts on Google). At that time, I ranked #1-5 on the organic (non-paid) results for "Sales Training for Onsite New Home Salespeople."

Today, I ranked #1-7! The point is that by selecting a few keywords that are meaningful and using them in your messages and profiles, you can gain traction and begin seeing search results for them.

Don't just use words to be using them, and don't be obviously repetitive. Just find a couple of search terms that you think your audience will search for and begin using them judiciously in your profiles, tags, and posts.

Good luck. Contact me if I can help you identify words to use and how to place them in your sites and posts.

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