Monday, September 10, 2012

What Makes You Special?

Of all the businesses in the world, have you ever stopped to ask yourself what makes you special?

That is, with all the businesses that are similar to yours in product or service, those that serve a similar market area or clientele, and those with other similar qualities to you, what makes you stand out?

What is your USP (unique selling proposition) or claim to fame? What do you offer that truly is special or remarkable for the type of business you have? What bragging rights do you have?

Now for the second part to this question. In addition to what makes you special, how do you let people now this?

Do you advertise, rely just on your website, trust your customers to share your message through word of mouth (WOM), publish on social media including blogs, or use a clever tagline?

For any of these questions that are unanswered or unclear, it's time to focus on them and come up with an answer.

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