Thursday, January 10, 2013

Is This Really Necessary?

The EPA which has already enacted the unnecessary Lead Paint Rule for pre-1978 residential construction now wants to extend it to commercial buildings.

They were all set to roll-out this provision but have agreed to wait until 2015 to require compliance.

Two very important questions come to mind:

(1) If lead paint exposure is so egregious (and assuming that it is even present at levels that would warrant all of this attention and rule making), why wait 2 more years to begin? Are we putting people at unnecessary risk? (I think you know the answer to that one.)

(2) What horrendous health impact will have occurred by not enacting such a regulation for 37 years after the arbitrary and capricious determination that 1978 was a threshold year for establishing compliance?

They haven't even determined that the current lead paint rule for residential remodeling has been effective.

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