Friday, May 10, 2013

Keep The Email Honest

We all have gotten an email that we could easily tell was not legitimate - it was spamy or phishy. Someone would had no previous relationship with us was contacting us for what we could do for them. There was nothing for us to gain and potentially something to lose.
I got such an email this week with the subject line "Don't Read This" - so I didn't. Probably not the action the sender intended.

So often when someone tells us not to look at something, we do. We they say don't touch something, we just have to see what we weren't supposed to touch it - wet paint, fragile, loose. When we are told not to listen, we can recite every detail we overhear. When we are told not to share something, we can't wait to tell someone.

That's human nature.

The sender of this email didn't count on their little ploy backfiring on them. They expected someone to jump at the chance of reading it because they had been warned not to.
Nevertheless, we need to make sure that we tell people what we want and not what we don't. This isn't a time to be cute and subtle. We need to be direct but professional and pleasant with our messages.
We also need to make sure that it not just about what we get from the message.

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