Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Time For Summer Camp

Summer camps - scouts, churches, environmental centers, sports, and other organizations - are underway or soon will be. Some are resident camps with sleeping in cabins or tents. Some are day camps where the kids show up for a few hours each day.

I can think of three common factors in summer camps: fun, new experiences, and meeting people.

That's why I think it's great for us to have a summer camp mentality as we approach the summer in our new home sales and real estate businesses.

First we must have fun. There is a difference between clowning around and just enjoying what we do with a lighthearted spirit. We also can schedule some time off for battery recharging.

We need to meet people to add to our pipeline or funnel and we need to grow our professional contacts as well. At summer camps, kids meet counselors, instructors, and kids from other neighborhoods and backgrounds.

We should endeavor to improve a skill that we already have or to learn something new this summer that will help us in our business - accounting, business planning, writing, speaking, interviewing, another language, or computer skills.

Happy summer camp and remember that our customer want a great summertime experience also by finding a new home!

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