Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Anticipating A Question"

Ever notice how we sometimes communicate with friends by answering questions that weren't even asked - like we anticipated the question or just thought they'd like the answer?

Someone calls, and your greet them with a "hi" and they respond as if you asked them how they are. It works both ways. We do it, too.

It may be a little awkward initially, but the messages get conveyed, and we go right on with our conversation.

Even people we don't very well, or ones we are just speaking with for the first time, can do this with us - and us with them. Sometimes we get distracted and answer a question ahead of when it might have been asked - or we sidestep a question we easily could have answered to give a response to something else.

Sometimes we anticipate by sharing a recent experience, health update, or something similar that we feel the person we are talking with is going to ask about - we just give the information without the necessity of a question.

The point is that no matter how much we practice, rehearse, or script a conversation, they can take off on their own in a different direction.


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