Sunday, March 2, 2014

"March Is A Great Month For CSP"

As March gets underway, it's time to look forward to seeing people coming into our new home sales centers and getting excited about shopping for their new home. As the weather warms (if only just a little) and as the time changes a week from today, looking for a new home will become serious business for many.

Are we up to the challenge? That's the real issue.

With the interest in selecting a new home now becoming more active, we need to make sure we have the necessary skills and techniques to help people when they visit our sales and model centers.

Regardless of how people find us - online, driving by, or traditional advertising - we need to make sure that we are ready to welcome them, put them at ease,  find out about their needs, help them identify a floor plan that will meets their needs and budget, and show them how they can own the new home they have selected.

For anyone not quite sure of the new home sales process or thinking now might be a good time for a refresher (not unlike major league ballplayers who are attending spring training camps right now), this might be the ideal time to take the three-day "Certified New Home Sales Professional" ("CSP") designation program that the NAHB offers.

It covers the details of building a new home, the various facets of constructing your sales presentation, and many helpful concepts for being an effective new home salesperson.

Contact me for more information about how to register for the course, where one is offered that fits your schedule, and what you might expect from taking the course. You can take it as an individual, have your entire team attend, or get your company to host a course just for your sales team.


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