Friday, June 20, 2014

"Ownership Transferred"

When any of us - or our customers - put a house on the market (or car, boat, RV, or anything else for that matter) it ceases to be ours. We have given up emotional title and claim to the property the moment a decision is reached to sell it - even before it is advertised.

As such, we must treat it with added respect - as a guest or visitor would do. We actually are using someone else's property at that point - we just don't know who the new owner will be yet.

This is a major paradigm shift, but an important one. That's why we paint, fix up, clean, and get everything ready in the home or vehicle before listing it. Then, our claim to it ceases. We are only being given temporary rights to continue using it until as sale is affected.

Many people react just the opposite and figure that since they are selling it anyway they can be a little more careless or reckless with the property. That is unfair to the eventual new owner and will hurt the price achieved and the selling time.


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