Saturday, September 6, 2014

"Don't Promise What You Can't Deliver"

It makes sense in terms of discussing a floor plan or included features not to promise something that cannot be delivered to the customer because they have been substantially changed or discontinued. Few new home salespeeople would do this, but it does happen.

Of more concern, however, is making a commitment to a customer about a future contact or an answer to a question that does not materilaize. This frustrates and aggravates the customer, weakens the brand, and may cost a possible sale.

If you need to check on something and call the customer back by or at a certain day and time, then make sure you do it - even if you don't have a complete solution like you thought you would. At least call and report where you are.

If you set an appointment, promise to send a email, or promise to contact someone for your customer, don't let it slide.

This is a reputation killer at a minimum - and likely a deal killer, too.


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