Thursday, October 23, 2014

"Inconsistent Answers Destroy Peace-Of-Mind"

As professionals that are helping people decide on their next home or helping them to remain comfortably and securely in the home they already occupy, we need to contribute to (rather than confuse) their peace-of-mind.

Peace-of-mind, or general contentment, is a summary state or feeling that is achieved when other factors work to achieve that. This includes security, confidence, comfort, convenience, safety, and accessibility. When people feel that their home is working with them instead of against them and that they are in control, they find that peace they are seeking.

With all of the stresses and challenges of life, people don't need for their homes and their time at home to create that kind of conflict.

As we are designing for our customers, or working with them after the design has been implemented, we need to make sure that we are consistent - that the information we share with them, and the answers we provide, do not sound like conflicting directions.

Often in the marketplace, we are told one thing when we are attempting to buy something or when we have an issue with something after purchasing it and then something else later - or we learn that we had been given incorrect information as we learn more about the issue on our own.

This should not happen to our customers. They should get a consistent story each time no matter whom they consult on a particular issue. Poor, weak, or inconsistent information destroys peace-of-mind.


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