Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Make Sure Your Web Address Doesn't Lead You Astray"

Everyone needs a website today - and that means a web address or domain name. There is an old saying that all of the good .com names have been taken and that there is no choice but to go with a different extension. This just isn't true or necessary unless your name is the same as that of a very popular and prominent brand.

Even with that, there is punctuation and changing a consonant or two that still makes it work. Many words that actually are spelled with a "c" are successfully changed to a "k" for a web address - or an "f" for a "ph." Adding an internal dash, underscore or "." often makes a name work as well.

To me, the worst domain extension is the "co" for company when the .com has been around since the inception. The trouble with this (and it actually happened to me) is that people sometimes can't read the "m," don't know whether it's a "co" or "com," or inadvertently drop the "m" in com when recording the name on their forms or CRMs.

Then's there's the all new cutesy extensions - email, consultant, sales, business, radio, and more. Consumers and those who want to find us online or email us have enough issues with just spelling our names right and adding the .com (or occasionally a .net). Let's not make it any harder for people to find us than it already is.

Additionally, watch the spelling - two repeating consonants together (to end one word and begin the next) when used in separate words is fine, but becomes an issue in a web address. Do you use both or just one? Take Direct TV which is (missing the second "t").

Finally. avoid repetitive consonants like an "l" or "s" in the case of "sallysellsrealestate."

We need web addresses, but they need to be our friend and work for us rather than against us.


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