Sunday, November 9, 2014

"Practice As If The Results Counted"

The purpose of practice is to get ready for the actual competition that counts in the standings - sports, sales, and life. In new home sales, you can't replicate in role-play or practice situations exactly how customers will act when you are front of them, but you can act as if the outcome will count.

You can go through the actions as if the person role-playing with you is an actual customer and that how you respond to them - with a script or hopefully without one because you have learned the basic techniques - will determine if they decide to purchase from you or not.

Even though a practice doesn't count, you can't be sloppy or lackadaisical about it. You must treat it as serious business so that when you actually do work with a customer, that same sense of focus, preparation, intensity for doing a good job, and interest in them as a person will show through.

Watch your favorite sports team. You can tell which players have practiced at full speed and which just went through the motions during the week. The attitude and performance of the team as a whole will reflect how much everyone on it has practiced and prepared under game conditions rather than just putting in time at practices.

Practice, rehearse, and prepare as if the results really do matter - because they really do.


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