Saturday, December 6, 2014

"Learn How Universal Design Can Help Your New Home Or Remodel Design"

I just completed teaching another 2-day course on Universal Design for home builders, remodelers, architects, interior designers, and related professions on how to identify universal design opportunities in a home and to incorporate them as a tremendous advantage to the current or potential owners. It offers several benefits, including increasing the value and marketability of the home.

Universal design is a popular topic, but it is an often misunderstood concept. While there are elements of aging-in-place, ADA compliance, and green building accommodated or addressed in particular strategies or tactics, universal design is none of those. It stands alone.

Let me help clear up the confusion and empower you to take these concepts to your marketplace.

I offer this course several times a year, and the next on is January 29th and 30th - you have more than a month to determine if this fits your schedule.

In addition to the classes, I have several books on universal design and would enjoy discussing you questions or design needs. Let me hear from you.


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