Friday, January 23, 2015

"Creating A Positive Impact With Universal Design - Ply Gem Presentation At IBS"

Wednesday, January 21st, Ply Gem hosted "Pro Talk" - a series of single-topic programs at their strategically located booth at the IBS/KBIS in Las Vegas. I was invited to present a program called "Creating A Positive Impact With Universal Design" as part of this series.

This was a fast-paced introduction and an overview of the topic rather than an in-depth look, but it was a hard-hitting review of some of the important design standards and benefits of using universal design to create safe, comfortable, convenirent, and accessible living spaces in North America.

I discussed the strategies for builders, remodelers, architects, and designers, and building trades - all of whom were represented at the show - as well as occupational therapists and other professionals to incorporate accessible design into their new homes and renovations - regardless of the home's size or price point.

As I explained, universal design is simply good, attractive design that accommodates the widest possible use by nearly everyone who might live in or visit the homes where such design elements are included.

For more information about specific types of design features to include in a home, or strategies behind the designs, visit my webpage on aging-on-place and universal design. You can also find these features described in my books on universal design.


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