Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Follow-Up Is Initiated By The Salesperson"

Customarily, follow-up is done by the salesperson after a sales presentation, phone inquiry, email contact, or site visit. As new home salespeople, you know that sales seldom happen on their own.

Therefore, you have to remain involved with your customers and help them understand the decision they are about to make as you assist them in making that commitment. Even when sales happen on the initial visit, follow-up is still a vital part of the sales process because the sale must close in order for it to count - for the customer, the lender, the company, and the salesperson.

Knowing this - that follow-up is conducted by the salesperson - imagine my surprise when I got an email recently inviting me to get back in touch with my salesperson in case I hadn't heard anything by now.

It went on to explain how they had a lot of people to contact and that I should go online and determine what I had seen - then contact them to pursue a discussion.

Follow-up is not customer generated. Customers may be quite interested in what they have seen and may want more immediate information than is forthcoming from the salesperson. Thus, they might generate the initial contact before the salesperson reaches out to pursue their presentation.

However, don't count on the customer to do or to replace your work. Follow-up is still a sales function!


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