Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"Being A Difference Maker In A World That Needs This"

People have never had more shopping opportunities nor access to merchandise than they have right now. Want to shop in a retail store? There are ones that never close - they used to close a day or two but now they don't. Time was - pre-shopping mall - when stores were mostly located downtown, and the were only until 5:00 (Monday-Saturday), and they were closed on Sunday. Once or twice a week, plus back-to-school, Easter, and Christmas, they would be open until 8:30 or 9:00.

Then came the suburban shopping malls. Their stores stayed open until 9:00 during the week, with some closing a little earlier on Saturday and not opening at all on Sunday. At Christmas, they would stay open until 10 or 11.

Even now, there are mall stores that maintain 9:00 closing times, but if you want to shop later than that, there are places where that can happen.

Then TV stores like QVC and HSN and online sellers like eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon changed the game forever. Don't forget the infomercial! Now most any business that sell a product - including even some home builders and parts stores can  be accessed on their website at literally any hour. Time zones no longer matter unless you need to speak to someone, and even there, many online retailers have 24-hour live phone help.

So, with the abundance of places to purchase what people want - in their neighborhood, their home town, or on TV or online from anyplace in the world.

That means a huge sea of sameness except for the special value or connection that can be created between a company and its customers. That's our challenge.

The world is crying out for businesses that rise to the top like fresh cream and are noticeably different that they others in some way - it could be selection, specialization, availability, delivery window, pricing, service during and after the sale, product knowledge, or something else that really connects with the customers in your marketplace.

Don't settle for sameness. Be freshly different!


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