Wednesday, May 6, 2015

"Put A Smile On Your Presence"

So many people who interact with us as salespeople, sales clerks, cashiers, or customer service - on the phone or in person - seem to be doing so stoically rather than enthusiastically and engagingly. In a word, they need to smile.

Smiling is more than having your mouth formed into an upward curve - although that is a great start and has a lot to do with it.

Smiling reflects an inherent helpful, courteous attitude. It is enthusiasm, joy, and a caring spirit. Many people are doing themselves, their companies, and especially us, their customers, a disservice by attempting to complete a role for which they are ill-suited. They simply aren't happy or caring enough to be dealing with the public. Find them a job indoors away from the public or outside where no one is around them. Don't let them engage or talk with the public.

While smiling is an outward sign that we recognize and appreciate, we also can identify a smile even when we don't see it - such as on the telephone or when someone has their back to us. When someone is really trying to help (even when things aren't going as expected or they don't have the answer we are looking for), we can tell. We can hear it in their voice. We can sense that they really are interested in our issue and that are attempting to resolve it in a pleasant way.

Of course, there is the forced smile and the over-the-top friendly attitude that we detect on the phone. This doesn't help or count.

I'm looking for genuine happiness and pleasantness. If people really enjoy working with people this should come rather naturally. We all have our off moments, but we can tell when people are sharing a smile with us - or when they want to.


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